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Barcelona City Guide - A city Guide of Barcelona - Tourist Guide Barcelona - Visitors Guide to Barcelona -  A complete Guide to what's happening in Barcelona


Barcelona City Guide


It's not long ago since Barcelona was considered a place were one just did not visit and was certainly not know as a tourist destination, it was


considered to have nothing to offer the average Joe soap tourist.


When one thought of Spain, you thought sun, sea, sandy beaches and British tourists. Barcelona was never mentioned as somewhere to go to It was considered a rather rundown industrial city that offered nothing for the tourist or even locals, few jobs and every little else and with the industries all drying up Barcelona was in need of a pick me up and a little TLC


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Barcelona Airport Guide


Advice on Barcelona airport facilities, public transport, maps and general Barcelona airport advice. Find your way around Barcelona airport before you go to avoid getting delayed and possibly missing a flight.


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Barcelona Airport Guide


Barcelona Travel Guide

An essential Barcelona travel guide for planning your travel to Barcelona Spain. Free newsletter gives you insider tips from the locals

The years was 1982 and Barcelona was awarded the 1992 Olympic Games it was from this time on until they actually hosted the games that Barcelona became a truly international and world famous city in it's own right and could stand it's own against it's sister cities the likes of Madrid and others.


That decade saw the transformation of Barcelona, it under went a seismic change that culminated in the hosting of the games an event which completely transformed Barcelona for ever.


Barcelona entered the millennium with a bright future and as one of Europe's most popular short break destinations as well as many Americans include Barcelona in there European itinerary


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