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With the Spanish telephone network deregulated in the last few years like the rest of Europe, but still the major player in land lines is Telefonica who operatemost of the public pay phones in Barcelona.  Pay phones either work using coins or phone cards which you can buy in post offices and most newsagents and tabacco shops.


Mobile phones:


Frequencies for mobile phone use in Spain are GSM 900 and GSM 1800. Most Euiropean phones will work in Barcelona  but many visitors from the USA and Canada will not receive a signal and will need to get a sim card from a phone shop and use this to make calls while in Barcelona and the rest of Europe.


Before you travel it is best to contact your service provider for details of their roaming agreements wiht Spain and Europe. If you wish to hire a mobile during your stay you can do so from Viva Voce located at La Rambla 113 (Phone 302 1016).




The main general post office (Correus) is located at Plaça Antoni López at the bottom of Via Laietana and is open 0800-2200 Monday to Friday and 0800-2000 Saturday. Closed Sunday.


Stamps can be bought from any post office or from  most tobacconists and newsagents .


Courier services:


National and international courier services are provided by all the major players like TNT, DHL,  UPS and are based at the airport.  


Internet access:


Access to the world wide web is available at an increasing number of locations around the city as well as a number of wi-fi zones. Most if not all hotels now offer internet.




The national English language daily is The Iberian Daily Sun but other English and American English-language news papers are readily available around the centre of the city.


TV and radio:


All TV stations are in Spanish so unless you have satilite TV you will not have anything to watch and understand unless of course you speak Spanish.  Televisión Española (TVE) is the national television broadcasting company who operate five national channels which broadcast to the entire country..


Radio - Barcelona  has several national radio stations as well as Catalunya Ràdio, which broadcasts in Catalan.  You can also pick up the BBC World Service and Voice of America


Dialling Codes


Barcelona City code: 93


Spanish Country code: 34


Outgoing international calls code: 00


Directory enquiries: 1003


International directory enquiries: 1008 (within Europe); 025 (outside Europe)


Operator: 1009


International operator: 1007


Emergency Numbers


Police: 091 (national police)


City Police 092


Ambulance: 061


Fire: 080


General emergencies: 112


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