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Barcelona  - Cost of Living


On 1 January 2002, the Spanish Peseta was replaced by the Euro in Spain along with another ten European countries. THe Euro can be used in any of the the eleven member countries.


Since the interduction of the Euro the cost of living has increased a lot in all of the joining European members but wages have remained the same. But still Barcelona remains cheap compared to other European cities like London, Amsterdam and even places like Budapest is becoming more expensive than Barcelona.


Below are a few guide prices to give you an idea of the cost of the basic items which we bought at the beginning of 2007. We do this each year.




1 Euro consists of 100 cents -  1 Euro i.e. 100 cents make up 1 Euro.


Small Espresso Coffee Euro 1 but can cost up to 2.50 around the tourist areas.


Bottle of beer from supermarket (1 litre) Euro 1.20


Small beer, Euro 2.50


Glass of beer in Irish Bar - 4.5 Euros


Cinema Ticket - Euro 5.50


Grocery Items from Supermarket


Bottle of cokeacola 1.5 litre -Euro 1.20


1 litre bottled water Euro .50 cents but can cost up to 2.50 around the tourist areas.


Sandwich / Baguette  0.75 cents from small bakery


Litre milk - 80 cents


Half dozen Eggs - 90 cents


Butter  / Margarine – Euro 1.30 500g


Branded Toothpaste per tube - Euro 125 - 150 depending on brand




Cigarettes  a 20 pack of Marlboro costs Euro 2.60


A carton of 10 packs costs Euro 23 to 25.50 depending on the brand and where you buy.


This is very cheap compared to Amsterdam Euro 40 -50 per carton , London Euro 70 per carton and Ireland Euro 50.00 - 60.


Grocery Items


Coffee  - vacuum packed ground coffee minimum Euro 1.25 per 100Grams. (depending on Brand)


Sugar – 1 KG -- Euro 95 cents


Corn flakes - 375g  Euro 1.83


Tomatoes around Euro 2  per kilo


Pack of tissue –  Euro 1.14 per pack of 10


Orange juice Euro 55 Cents per litre


Soft drinks – Cocacola  1.5 litres Euro 1.12  can cost up to 2.50 around the tourist areas.




T10 Metro Ticket - 10 journeys - 6.90 Euros


Taxi 5 Euros for 10 mins taxi ride.




Regular unleaded Euro .95cents per litre


Miscellaneous services and goods


McDonalds Big Mac Euro 2


Basic Pizza - vegetarian Euro 750 -850 in an Itlian restaurant




Men's - wash, cut and blow - 12.50 Euros


Womon - Fom Euro 20.00


The prices quoted above are as of Febuary 2007 are are based o prices in a Barcelona supermarket unless stated otherwise and may be used as a rough comparison against the price of items in your own city.


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