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Barcelona  Did You Know, a few interesting facts about Barcelona


Did You Know on St George's Day (23 April) it was custom to exchange a book and a rose with the person they loved. , Do not think it's practiced any longer.


Did You Know The carving of the donkey, which decorates the main portal of La Sagrada Familia was created from life. According to Albert Schweitzer in his book Out of my Life and Thought, Gaudí was presented with the finest donkeys in Barcelona to use as his model but rejected them in favour of an old, broken down beast that belonged to a woman selling sand.


Did You Know... FC Barcelona is the biggest privately owned stadium in the world (seating 100,000 people) and is also one of Barcelona's most visited tourist attractions.


Did You Know... Barcelona and Spanish drivers in general are one of the worst, according to recent statistics an accident occurs on average every nineteen seconds weekdays Monday to Thursday but this rises to one every sixteen on Fridays. Weekends are better at an average of ten a second. It's safer to walk or take public transport.


Did You Know.....over 35% of journeys by people around the city are walked or biked and not in a car.?


Did You Know.... over 70% of Barcelonaians see themselves as pedestrians and not motorists?


Did You Know..  every hour of every day over three thousand pedestrians stroll  through Fontanella-Portal del Àngel.?


Did You Know... over  one million people a week visit the Barna Centre?


Did You Know. in energy terms, transport accounts for up to 40% of the total energy consumed each day? and that two-thirds of this is used by private cars usually with one passenger in each.


Did You Know... in recent surveys carried out in several European countries including  Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vienna, people put time saving as their number one  most important thing when it came to choosing a form of transport to get them from A to B rather than such issues as comfort and their safety ?.


Did You Know... Barcelona has over one hundred and thirty hectares of pedestrian spaces which if put end to end would cover the equivalent of 260 full sized football pitches?


Did You Know... on average every day , seven days a week 150,000 people walk along the Rambla.


Did You Know... the first Europeans to arrive in the USA were from Spain and it was them who gave Florida it's current name Florida ?


Did You Know.. the Spanish founded over  two hundred missions in the United states alone?.


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