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                Barcelona, a brief History


Barcelona, a Brief History


c. 500BC Barcelona Founded by the Carthaginians.


27BC-AD14 Roman invade and occupy ( Barcino Barcelona)


3rd C Barcino (Barcelona) becomes the  most important Roman outpost.


415 Visigoths invade and conquer  and then rename the city Barcinona


8th C Moors  invade and conquer.


9th C Barcelona invaded again this time by the Franks who  conquer and occupy the city


Late 9th C Barcelona is ruled by Count Wilfred the Hairy.


988  Barcelona receives it's independence.


1000-1200 Barcelona becomes a major trading port  for the Mediterranean.


13th C The Construction of the Cathedral de la Seu begins


14th C Barcelona goes to war with Genoa


1327  Jaume II dies


1336-1387  Barcelona  see a boom in the city under the reign of Pere III.


1391 A massacre of Barcelona’s Jewish community takes place.


1479-1516 Barcelona looses it'spower and Influence moves to Castile


1640 Catalonia allies itself to Louis XIII of France  during a Catalan revolt against the Spanish monarchy.


1652 Siege of Barcelona ends the Catalan rebellion, the siege is carried out by  Don Juan José from Austria


1680 barcelona / Spain goes to war against France


1690  A further war breaks out againt France


1705-1714 War of Independence  breaks out , Barcelona  has an alliance with England and Genoa


11 Sep 1714 Philip V of Spain invaded and conquers Catalonia.


18th C  Barcelona begins trading with the Americas and this see the start of the cotton and textile industries.


18th C Napoleonic Wars


1821   Seea an outbreak of Yellow fever .


1848 First Spanish railway is constructed between Barcelona and Madrid.


1868 Spanish revolution


1888 Barcelona hosts the World Exhibition.


1901 and 1902 sees general strikes held throughout the city


1909 Riots break out in the city and several buildings are burned down during them.


1931 A Left wing coalition force King Alfonso XIII in to exile.


1936 The Spanish Civil War begins , During which he led the Falangists against the republicans and won.


1960 Seeing booming times in Barcelona a nd a huge influx of imgrients arrive looking for work.


1977 Catalonia receives  some self-government under the Estatut de Autonomia


1982 Barcelona awarded the 1992 Olympic Games


1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona


1993-2000 Barcelona becomes one of the top destinations in all Europe.


2006 Barcelona finally pays off paying or the Olympic Games


Barcelona a city with a checkered history but has emerged  from it all with a bright future but a very colourful paste from the times way back when Castilian kings were firing cannon balls into the city as all as other crazy acts the city was shadowed by the other bigger cities of Spain like Madrid.


Founded around 230 BC, most likely by the Carthaginians but invaded  several times over the centuries  


In the 12th century, Catalunya became a rich from trading in the Americas and continuities to prosper right into the middle of the 14th century, when Barcelona ruled a mini-empire stretching from Sicily to the Balearics and including Malta, French regions as well as parts of Greece but it did not last to long,  by the 15th century it fell apart like all great empires do. Barcelona was no longer permitted to trade with the Americas so hard times fell apon the city.


A 1462 rebellion devastated the city of  Barcelona, around this time the peasants had had enough and started to revolt.


Barcelona again fell in 1714 following another siege which saw the banning of the Catalan language.


After 1778 Catalunya was permitted to trade with America, and the region's fortunes started to get better.


The following decades saw the city rise from the ashes, This followed an birth explosion among  Barcelona's population - In 1800 it stood at 115,000  but by 1900 it had risen to over half a million


and a million by 1930.


1931 sees the forming of the Second Republic and a short time later Catalan nationalists declare a republic. Catalunya briefly gained genuine autonomy and for nearly a year revolutionary anarchists  as well as the Workers Marxist Unification Party ran the town. but it did not last plagued by infighting which destroyed any chance they may have had of defeating Franco's fascist militia. Barcelona, the last stronghold of the Republicans, fell to Franco's forces in January 1939, and the civil war ended several months later.


Rather than surrendering to the forces of Franco, thousands of Catalans crossed the borders into France and  Andorra as well as else where.


Franco wasted no time in taking revenge for their betrayal , banning the language and importing  immigrants from Andalucía in the hope of diluting the population so the desire for independence, would be squashed but the plan did not work out to well as the migrants' turned out to be more loyal to the Catalan than to Franco an supported the independence movement.


Catalan survived and was revived, the Generalitat, or local parliament, was reinstated, and today, people gather to dance the now unbanned sardana. While some people still call for independence, it remains just that a call for, Barcelona is todays most happening city and seems set to stay that way for the foreseeable future.


For more detailed information see The Wikipedia entry for Barcelona


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