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Barcelona  Language and Key words and phrases


Barcelona Language, key words and phrases to get you by while on vacation


in Barcelona


if your visiting Barcelona  or Spain in general and you do not speak Spanish or Castellano you might find it hard to get by,  specially when you venture from the main tourists area and cities.


Not a lot of English is spoken in Barcelona except in the main tourist areas and even then not a lot,


Barcelona like the rest of Spain speak Spanish and in Barcelona they speak not only the National Spanish language Castellano (Castilian Spanish)  but their own dialect called Catalan so Barcelona is a bilingual city but only in Spanish.


Spanish being the national language of Spain so is spoken by everyone but in certain regions like Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia as well as certain other areas and regions Spanish is the second language and usually the main language spoken on a daily basis.


Catalan was spoken in all regions until the Royal decrees of 1716 making Castilian the official language of all Spain and banning the teaching and learning of Catalan.


But the language survived, however, and according to official estimates there are at present over ten million speakers of Catalan in Europe and in Spain Catalan is spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, The Balearic Islands and in certain areas of Murcia as well as Aragon. It is also widely spoken by the people of North Catalonia as well as Andorra and in L’Alguer near Sardinia.


Spanish pronunciation is not to difficult,  just pronounce the words as written but when trying to speak and pronounce Catalan is a little more difficult as it sounds a lot more French.


As you go around Barcelona you will notice  many street signs and other places are signposted both in the national language of Castilian as well as the Catalonian's’ own regional one and they can look so different.


Key Phrases in Spanish and their English translation.


About Barcelona














Public Holidays




Business Services




Did You Know


Food and Drink








Special Events




Cost of Living


Dos and Donts


Further Distractions


Key Attractions








Spanish Language Courses in Barcelona


Yes ---- Sí


No ------ No


Hello --- Hola


Goodbye --- Adios


Please ---- Por favor


Thank you ---- Gracias


My name is ... --- Me llamo ...


How are you? --- Qué tal estás?


I don’t understand - No entiendo


Do you speak English? - Habla inglés?


I’m very well  --- Estoy muy bien


How much does it cost? - Cuantó es?


I feel ill  -----Me siento mal


Toilets - Servicios


Doctor - Médico


Where is ...? - Dónde está ...?


Entrance - Entrada


Exit - Salida


Open - Abierto


Closed - Cerrado


Danger - Peligro


Hotel - Hotel


Restaurant - Restaurante


Beer - Cerveza


Wine - Vino


Menu - Carta


Today - Hoy


Tomorrow - Mañana


Monday - Lunes


Tuesday - Martes


Wednesday - Miércoles


Thursday - Jueves


Friday - Viernes


Saturday - Sábado


Sunday - Domingo


One - Un / uno / una


Two - Dos / dues


Three - Tres


Four - Cuatro


Five - Cinco


Six - Seis


Seven - Siete


Eight - Ocho


Nine - Nieve


Ten - Diez


Twenty - Veinte


Thirty - Treinta


Forty - Cuarenta


Fifty - Cincuenta


Sixty - Sesenta


Seventy - Setenta


Eighty - Ochenta


Ninety - Noventa


One Hundred - Cien


One Thousand - Mil


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