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Barcelona City OverView


Barcelona, City Overview


Barcelona is now one of the most visited cities in all Europe and home to thousands of X-pats from all over the world but it wasen't always so why less than two decades ago Barcelona was condidered a nothing, very few visitors ever ventured up to the this northern Spanish city as the city was concidered a rundown industrial city with nothing to offer any tourists but this all changed in 1982 when Barcelona won the right to host the  1992 Olympic Games.


From the winning of the Games in 1982 the transformation began and the world suddenly discovered "Barcelona"., It was not just an old industrial town, Barcelona had so much to offer everyone, tourists and locals alike and then the games arrived and the whole world saw Barclelona and the world fell in love with it and since then visitors, artists, architects and  tourists arrive in there thousands by the day, every day all year round.


The rest is history. Barcelona is now one of the most visited cities in all Europe


Hosting the Games in Barcelona cost so much that the city has just finished off paying for them (Late 2006) fifteen years after hosting them and twenty five years after getting the nod to host them.


No one with deny it was this event which completely transformed the entire city of Barcelona because not only did the city aquire a string of purpose built sporting developments but it also


brought in a huge amount of investment which rejoveneted the entire city and mading the population take pride in their city as well as the games brought many people to the city many of which fell in love with the place and just never left. Barcelona can have that effect on people


Architects Mecca


Barcelona is know the world over by architects and has become a mecca  as they arrive in droves to dream about possible designs that might conjure up in their heads as they walk around the buildings built by the father of all architects  Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona’s most famous son


Barcelona with clever design has managed a thing few cities have managed , it's a city where a contemporary glass and steel tower can sit nicely within striking distance of a gothic masterpiece, a city where they manged to transform their old disused port without losing any of its old charm.


Catalunya, Barcelona being the capital has grown into a major regional economic power, tucked, as it is, strategically close to the French border and with a wide Mediterranean coastline. It still has a large manufacture base unlike most of the other rich European counties as wages in Spain are considerbly less that that of England, Germany or even Ireland as are the prices


Barcleona's economy has grown year opon year since the end of the games and now contributes eifght percent of the countries GDP while having just four percent of the population of the country of Spain it's no wonder the population desire an independent Catalan state as Barcelona as it's capital.


Best time to Visit


Anytime is a good time to visit beautiful Barcelona because the weather all year round is good,


not too steamily hot in summer and with few genuinely cold days in winter . The summer months can be very hot but with everywhere with air-co you can always pop in for a cool down drink.




Barcelona faces the Mediterranean Sea, and is located on the Iberian Peninsula’s northeast coast. Tibidabo at 512m is the highest point of the mountain range of Collserola and is the backdrop to the city.  




Two thousand five hundred years of history, Barcelona has a rich history, it's first settlers


were Carthaginians as well as Phoenicians. the first century BC saw the Romans invade and conqcour who were themselves defeated by the Visigothsin around 415 AD.


The city became know as city of Barcino as Barcinona.




Manufacturing and Textiles have always played a large part in the ecomeny of Barcleona and still do today but tourism and the service industries have seen huge growth over the last ten years.


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