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Barcelona Sightseeing


Barcelona the once forgotten city of Spain was rediscovered in the 1980's and since then has become one of the most visited cities in all Europe.


Visiting Barcelona for the first time is amazing. if you are into buildings and architecture there is no better European city or maybe any city around the world including New York.


The architecture in Barcelona is simply breath taking with the like of Antoni Gaudí Barcelona is just bursting with amazing buildings.


The Gaudi Museum  originally one of his buildings


(apartment Building) it is now his museum and visitors can view


all the buildings the master had his hand in building and designing,


As you walk around the city you will find building after building which


you just find amazing to look at and 9 times out of 10 it will be the


work of Gaudi .


      The Gaudi Museum


Barcelona Sightseeing - Things to see in Barcelona during your stay - Tourist Sightseeing Barcelona -


Barcelona  Sightseeing


Barcelona Sightseeing


Things to see in Barcelona


Barcelona is ideally positioned with the Mediterranean to it's east and the mountains and hills of Montjuïc as well as Tibidabo on two of its other boarders. The centre of the city where tourists spend most of their time is even more so with La Rambla - the main area which is most know to tourists.


To start your sightseeing of Barcelona best get a map as getting lost in Barcelona is not difficult so a map is handy.


Not a bad place to start is Park Guell another Gaudi work comprising an open area with several different pathways leading in different directions like another maze, you will proberly get lost but just keep an eye open for one of the YOU ARE HERE park maps and you'll be back on track again.


The area has many pieces of Gaudi’s smaller art works including benches, archways, walls and balconies. It is a place where Gaudi’s imagination really went wild.


Located 20 mins walk from Lesseps metroMetro (Green Line, L3).


Once you have conqured Park Guell you can move on to another of


Gaudi’s works, his unfinished masterpiece the Sagrada Familia, originally started back in1882 but remained unfinished when he met his maker in 1926. Over the years several different drawing have been suggested as ways to finally put the "finishing touches" to


this unbeleavible church building but so far none have been accepted


so the church still remains unfinished and probably will remain so.


Barri Gòtic / The Gothic Quarter


This is one of the best areas in Barcelonaand and is located just off the Ramblas. The area is full of amazing medieval Gothic  architecture some of which dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries ,this was originally the centre of the original city of Barcelona and is made up of loads of little lanes and streets like a maze linked by public squares each of which  has  plenty of eating and drinking places especially around Plaça de Sant Jaume  where you'll also find plenty of budget accommodation.  


La Rambla / The Ramblas


The RAMBLA is without a dought the best known landmark in Barcelona and not surprisely so.


Flowing down from the Pl. de Catalunya to the Columbus statue, what a sight for the average tourist, a sea of colour and with the hussle and bustle of the area it is simply amazing, flower stalls, mime artists and street performers all along the entire lenght of the promenade makes this area really special.


The Ramblas is one of the main areas were tourists tend to hang around and sit about and enjoy a drink or something to eat in the many cafes and bars, others sit for hours and just people watch.


Antoni Gaudi


On June 8, 1926, Gaudí was knocked down by a  tram but as he was dressed like a bum and with no money in his pockets, several taxi drivers refused to pick him up as they thought he would be unable to pay the fare. He was eventually taken to the Barcelona pauper's hospital but nobody realised who this  injured ragged looking bum like person was.


Eventually after much searching his friends finally found him.


But when they  arranged for him to be transferred to a better hospital, Gaudí refused to go. He has been reported as saying "No, I belong here among the poor." within 24 hours he was dead.


His funeral attracted more than half of the citizens of Barcelona.


He was laid to rest within view of his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Família.


This area is full of "Tourist menus" offering Tourist food at Tourist prices  including all the main hotels and restaurants are centered around this area.


For better food at cheaper prices try to centre off the tourist trail and try some local authentic dishes


One special place well worth a visit is the Boqueria, a fantastic food market on one side of the La Rambla, stall after stall of exotic delicacies you have only ever dreamed about.


Further down the Rambla's, in Calle Nou de la Rambla, is the Palau Güell, by Gaudí. You should not miss Pl. Reial, on your left, with its archway and palm trees (some say the tallest of Europe). It used to have a bad reputation, but has now become one of the safest places in the city. From this square go to Calle Ferran, which leads to Pl. Sant Jaume, where the Palau de la Generalitat and the Town Hall can be found.


Moving on we head for the Zoo , every cities got one and for some unknown reason tourists seem to visit foreign zoos but never there own Barcelona zoo was founded way back in 1892 and is an ideal way to keep the kids happy if you happen to be stuck with a few,  located at Ciutadella Park, near the old town and Ciutat Vella.


If you have seen one Zoo you have seen them all , right ? well Barcelona Zoo has something a little different on offer, an aquatic park which is home to some guys you may not have seen in real life before like bottlenose dolphins among others. During the summer months there are shows with the Dolphins doing tricks and stuff.    All see our Barcelona excursions and Tours pages


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